International Symposia

The International Symposia of ISSA are academic meetings carried out in a global perspective. At these meetings, Shinto is studied broadly as a tradition which does not provoke debates with other religions. Reports of the symposia are published in Japanese and/or English in books or as DVDs. Please contact our Tokyo Headquarters office for more details.


  • UN International Year of Forests 2011, Commemorative Symposium “Kami and Hotoke : Spirituality and forests in Japanese Culture” July 2011
  • The 8th symposium “Shinto and Japanese Culture” September, 2002
  • The 7th symposium “New Perspectives in the Study of Shinto” October, 2002. (postponed due to the 2001)
  • The 6th symposium “Why is Shinto Research Important Now? — My Point of View” November, 2000.
  • The 5th symposium “Shitno and Noh” June, 1998.
  • The 4th symposium “The Kyoto Protocol, The Environment and Shinto” May, 1998
  • The 3rd symposium “The Shape of Religion in the 21st Century – In Search of World Co-existence ” August, 1996.
  • The 2nd symposium “Shinto — Its Universality” July, 1995.
  • The 1st symposium “Shinto and Japanese Culture” November, 1994.