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ISSA Seminar “Izumo and Ise: Ancient Sovereignty and Sacred Space”

The International Shinto Studies Association held an international seminar entitled “Izumo and Ise: Ancient Sovereignty and Sacred Space (The roots and transformation of the two great sacred places)” on October 26, 2013, at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

About Shikinen Sengu Aniversary・Intenational Shinto Seminar.

Shikinen Sengu Aniversary・Intenational Shinto Seminar will be held on October 26. Please see below for the details. 2013_aki_seminar_chirashi Please apply in this mail( A subject is “Shikinen Sengu Aniversary・Intenational Shinto Seminar”. Please be sure to write your address, name and

International Symposia

The International Symposia of ISSA are academic meetings carried out in a global perspective. At these meetings, Shinto is studied broadly as a tradition which does not provoke debates with other religions. Reports of the symposia are published in Japanese